Welcome to Wildflower House!

AboutYou’ve landed in a place created especially for women and girls — a space, both virtual and physical, to invite yourself  to emerge.

If you’ve found your way here, it might just be that you’re ready to start living out loud.  As we work together, you can create your own unique mix of  counseling, coaching, classes, and consultation that will allow you to transform your life by bringing out everything that you have within you.

Like wildflowers, each of us has our own élan! – our own distinctive style or flair. When you can summon that from yourself and channel it into the actions you take and the decisions you make every day, you bring yourself to life.

Inside of every woman and girl is a free spirit untouched by the demands of the world, blissfully unaware of the judgments of peers, unscathed by the fears of her parents. She’s an independent thinker and a non-conformist. She’s uninhibited and she knows her own mind. Her voice rings in the air clear as a bell. She is the core of the strong, joyous woman you are meant to be.

For most women, pieces of that inner voice — aspects of your self – have been lost along the way, sometimes as a result of trauma, but often simply as a function of the demands of everyday life.

The impact of that loss is enormous. It is at the heart of depression, of inaction, of being “stuck”, of feeling empty, of procrastinating or foreclosing on your dreams.

It is also both preventable and fixable. As a parent, you can coax your daughters’ voices into full expression. As a woman, you can weave forgotten elements of your self into the life you lead today.

The essence of that beautiful, forthright inner girl, when you reconnect with her, will be a precious and powerful part of your adult voice.

Discovering that independent spirit and bringing it to life — that’s the work that we’ll do together.

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