When women have the guts to be themselves, girls bloom

When women have the guts to be themselves, girls bloom

In an age fraught with cyberbullying, depression, eating disorders, drugs and alienation, what are the ingredients for raising girls who grow up with a joyful sense of passion and purpose?

It is my mission to help you raise girls who experience excitement and direction in their lives — and that begins with you having the support and the guts to be yourself.  It’s about you being you — quirks and all — and loving it.   How fabulous that raising girls with passion and purpose begins with this powerful gift to yourself!

Our work together creates a space just for you.  It’s a space for becoming, a space to be heard, a space to replenish, a space to connect with other women who understand you. And in that space, you’ll find the inner knowledge to guide the girls in your life to live authentically.

What you’ll find here is a path to build the foundation for your daughters – and, at the same time, pick up the pieces you yourself may be wishing for – in short, a path to a happy, fulfilling life.

Our work – whether in person or virtual; whether with you or your daughter, together or separately — provides the space for all of this to unfold.  You can choose how we work together so that you’ll have exactly the amount of support and interaction that you need and want as you start on this exciting journey.

Often women deeply need to move forward with the dreams they hold for their lives, but they find themselves stuck – and can even become depressed and immobilized; feeling that life has passed them by and their dreams are out of reach.  I have dedicated twenty-five years, both professionally and personally, to studying how to help women move towards the joys in their lives that they feel strongly they really want – whether it’s in relationships, career, weight loss, a new venture like learning to paint.

Our work together will offer you a path, customized to your personality and needs, to help you develop your inner strength so that the barriers seem to simply dissolve.  At the same time, I’ll help you know what you can do every day in your most routine interactions with your daughters to make it possible for them to fly forward to lead remarkable lives without ever experiencing this psychological quicksand.

Self-expression – the freedom to be yourself – is a tremendous source of joy and power.  The magnificent thing is that your own ability to be authentic is one of the keys to raising girls who are joyful, resistant to depression and who have a healthy sense of empowerment.

Joyful Rebels with Invincible Voices, I call them.

A girl whose voice is consistently amplified rather than silenced takes as a given her own value as a human being, and that may be the most powerful protection against discouragement and depression that you can provide.

Children’s voices can be lost, one strand at a time, often as a result of their parents’ fears.  With the best of intentions, you may get in the way of the free expression of your child’s emotions, wishes, dreams, and beliefs.

But if you can resist those inner forces, you’ll watch your child extend and bloom, a startling, leggy wildflower with a blossom unpredicted in shape and color, one that has never been seen before.

What it comes down to at the core is the freedom and abandon that you yourself feel to be exactly who you are, to state your case without apology, and joyfully live into what is in your DNA to become.  And it comes down to raising girls so that it is their simple default to live this way, too.

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