Becoming exactly who you're meant to be

Fran Hendrick speaks about the work of helping each individual woman and girl find her own voice


You’ve landed in a place created especially for women and girls — a space, both virtual and physical, to invite yourself  to emerge.

If you’ve found your way here, it might just be that you’re ready to start living out loud.  As we work together, you can create your own unique mix of  counseling, coaching, classes, and consultation that will allow you to transform your life by bringing out everything that you have within you.

Like wildflowers, each of us has our own élan! – our own distinctive style or flair. When you can summon that from yourself and channel it into the actions you take and the decisions you make every day, you bring yourself to life.

Inside of every woman and girl is a free spirit untouched by the demands of the world, blissfully unaware of the judgments of peers, unscathed by the fears of her parents. She’s an independent thinker and a non-conformist. She’s uninhibited and she knows her own mind. Her voice rings in the air clear as a bell. She is the core of the strong, joyous woman you are meant to be.

For most women, pieces of that inner voice — aspects of your self – have been lost along the way, sometimes as a result of trauma, but often simply as a function of the demands of everyday life.

The impact of that loss is enormous. It is at the heart of depression, of inaction, of being “stuck”, of feeling empty, of procrastinating or foreclosing on your dreams.

It is also both preventable and fixable. As a parent, you can coax your daughters’ voices into full expression. As a woman, you can weave forgotten elements of your self into the life you lead today.

The essence of that beautiful, forthright inner girl, when you reconnect with her, will be a precious and powerful part of your adult voice.

Discovering that independent spirit and bringing it to life — that’s the work that we’ll do together.

The vision that guides my work is simple: that there shall be no lost voices.

That vision is about reaching women – whether adults or teens — whose selves are buried and whose voices have been lost; it is about guiding parents so that this happens to fewer and fewer girls – and when it does happen, it is not so extreme. It is about sparing as many girls and women as possible the pain of struggling to know Who am I? Do I have a right to be that? Am I good enough? It is about encouraging you if you must travel this difficult path.

My mission is to nurture you.

Feeling powerless and silenced puts girls and women at risk for depression, alienation and withdrawal.  Working with me online, by phone, or in person at Wildflower House, you can reclaim your voice and your energy. I will be your partner in raising daughters who are assertive, joyful and optimistic about living.

You don’t have to lead a movement or join a party. To the contrary, helping you find your own voice so that you can come alive in your own life is my mission. What you do with your voice – that’s excitingly, enticingly and totally – up to you.

Workshops, coaching, therapy with me provide abundant opportunities for you and your daughters to respond spontaneously to something new and unexpected. It’s the space you need for uninhibited self-expression, a space to come alive.

Why self-expression?

Self-expression both prevents and relieves depression. The work we do together helps prevent – and conquer — depression, that sense of emptiness (“is this all there is?”), feeling “stuck” or immobilized by procrastination — by helping you bring your voice into your work, your relationships and your play.

An unexpressed self is a buried spark that either smolders with rage or threatens to go out in despair. Once liberated, your spark can light the world.

Together we’ll tap into some of the forgotten corners of your self so that the treasures there are transformed from a heavy weight of frustration – a source of depression – to a catalyst for action and a source of joy.

Together we’ll uncover your unique voice – your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, wishes – and gently understand your fears about using it.

Today’s inklings – yours — are tomorrow’s passions, the ones you’ve been seeking. And today’s irrepressible little girls and adolescents, if their voices are heard and celebrated, are tomorrow’s vibrant accomplished women.

Leadership develops naturally as a side effect of self development

Leadership emerges from within. It’s far more than a set of external skills; it’s a solid connection to your own beliefs, thoughts and feelings and a sense of certainty about expressing and acting on them. When you know your own mind and feel confident of your right to express yourself, it becomes automatic to take a leadership role – with your family, your friends, at work and in the community.

The premise underlying all of our work together is simple: when women have access to their own voices, the world changes. I am here to help you know your self and as a result be transformed into a catalyst for solid, grounded action – for your self, with your family, with your peers, and, if you choose, in the greater world around you.

Your spark changes everything.

What difference can one woman make?

Awhile back, my older daughter and I were driving home from Indianapolis late at night after a pleasant little day trip. Élise is very politically aware – and outspoken about her beliefs. Inevitably our conversation drifted to the state of the world – and of our own country — which, it must be admitted, is in all too many aspects atrocious. What can one person do in the face of such complex, devastating issues, I wondered.

My answer to that, shaped in the car that night, is that we can each throw ourselves into what we do best. For Élise, that is writing, internationally. For me, it is helping women reconnect with the essence of themselves – which they have so often lost along the way in the interest of meeting the needs and expectations of everybody else. Change at any level begins with people finding their own voices.

The work we do provides a space – both physical and virtual – where women can be outspoken. Because once a woman knows her own heart and feels confident of her right to express herself, it becomes automatic to take a leadership role – with family, friends, at work and in the community. In the process, she comes to life; she empowers not only herself but also her children and even her friends to stand up for their beliefs – and the world stands to become a better place.

It starts with one person being real – you

Your commitment to beating depression, to living a full and vibrant life, and to raising daughters who can think critically and stand up for what they believe in will change the world. Your own, theirs – and the lives of everyone you touch.

I invite you to begin now.