About Wildflower House

Imagine that you have been handed a seed and told that it was one-of-a-kind – the only one on the planet — and very, very valuable.

What would you do with this tiny precious package of potential? How would you wake it up and grow it?

Chances are, you would seek to discover — through trial and error — how much light, how much water, what kind of soil allowed it to thrive.  It would not occur to you to accuse the seedling of being too sensitive to drought; of needing too much light; far from it!  Rather, you would take this seed that you have and do your very best to nurture it so that it can become the flower that is within it to be.

That’s what Wildflower House is about.  Whether that seed is yourself or whether it is your daughter, we work together here to find out how to create an environment where it can grow and thrive and bloom into the unique blossom it is meant to be.  It is a sacred endeavor.

Located in historic Loveland, Ohio at 111A N. Wall Street., Wildflower House is a cozy studio to support your personal development, a place to bloom.


Wildflower House -- a cozy studio for personal development