Fran Hendrick, PCC


Fran Hendrick PCCWith over twenty years of diverse  counseling, coaching and management experience, Fran Hendrick’s degrees include a Master’s of Education in Counseling with Clinical Endorsement (Xavier University), and Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology (University of Rochester) and Therapeutic Recreation (SUNY-Brockport). In addition to being a licensed professional clinical counselor, she holds certification in the use of psychologist Martin Seligman’s highly researched compendium of strategies for helping people increase their happiness in their work and their personal lives. Fran is a member of the International Association for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology.

Fran’s Heart Steps approach to therapy and coaching assists women and girls who are experiencing depression, anxiety, a sense of “is this all there is” – sometimes triggered by a crisis or major life change. By becoming stronger from the inside out, clients are able to move through disruptions in their lives, manage feelings of self- doubt that lead to anxiety and depression and find creative solutions.

Raising Girls with Passion & Purpose

The capacity to enjoy life, experience fulfillment, work with energy and creativity, and enter into deeply meaningful relationships comes from a core sense of adequacy, the belief that “I am enough.” In both therapy and coaching, Fran works with clients to move through self doubt and feel confident across all areas of their lives. She is highly committed to assisting women in achieving fulfilling lives and teaching them specific skills and strategies to raise girls who live with passion and purpose.

Self Development for Young Women

By applying a powerful blend of counseling, coaching, and management expertise, Fran supports young women in developing as leaders and striving for their potential. She has worked with hundreds of students — including gifted students, “average” and high achievers, students with ADD or Asperger’s, students considered “at risk” — with a tremendous variety of individual challenges.

Throughout her career, Fran has worked with hundreds with women and girls. She has served as an activity therapist using games and activities to help children and adolescents manage their emotions and develop strong life skills; a behavior management specialist helping parents understand and work with children’s challenging behaviors; as a psychotherapist helping people learn about themselves and navigate life’s challenges; as a parenting columnist for the Cincinnati Enquirer; and as a parent coach.

Self-expression and Creativity: the seeds of passion & purpose

Approaching her work with clients from a framework of self-psychology and positive psychology, Fran applies this theoretical foundation to enhance the lives of people who, already living well, are striving for even greater personal development and enjoyment of life.

Fran has a passion for designing and building miniature glass conservatories, each a unique self-contained environment in glass. She encourages each client to engage in her own creative process, whether writing, art, music or decorating – to enhance insight into the self that lies beneath the surface. Creating an ideal space, for example, a space that reflects who you are, who you wish to be; where you’ve been, and what you value, is one powerful way for the self to manifest and grow, propelling you into a passionate life.