Mission, Vision & Credo

Mission: To nurture your spark

Within each individual is a spark of personhood – the essence of who you are at your core.

It is my mission to gently find and shelter that spark, even if it’s deeply buried, and to grow it so that it illuminates your person and is radiated through each of the words, actions and decisions, big and small, that make up your daily life. Similarly, I will support you in nurturing each of your children’s unique sparks.

This simple idea provides us together the power to transform your life —

An unexpressed self is a buried spark that either smolders with rage or threatens to go out in despair. 

Once liberated, your spark can light the world.


Vision: To free the Joyful Rebel within you

Becoming exactly who you're meant to beI strive to provide a space – both physical and virtual – where women — where you  — can be outspoken.

Because once you know your own heart and feel confident of your right to express yourself, it becomes automatic to take a leadership role – with family, friends, at work and in the community.  In the process, you’ll come to life; and you’ll empower not only yourself but also your children and even your friends to speak their truth. With no lost voices, the world stands to become a better place.



Your Voice, Your Self

You are a separate, defined entity in spirit and in body; you exist as such and belong to yourself alone.

No one can have any legitimate claim on your identity or your physical self;

you can not owe to anyone the debt of being other than who you are.

You can create your niche in this world.

That is the potential that lies within you.

Copyright Fran Hendrick, 1988