Do You Feel Perfect on Your Own?

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Okay, hold up and let me clarify before you decide that this post is a tirade about marriage.  It’s really not. Marriage can be one of life’s pleasures.So I am not suggesting, with the idea of feeling “perfect on your own”, that you should spend your life in independent isolation.  I’m not out to advocate for the single life.”No, no, a thousand times no!” as the old song goes.  Feeling perfect on your own is not about divorce, and it’s not about being alone.Human beings are social creatures. ...

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Mothers and Daughters: Joyful Rebels?

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A few weeks ago, in the midst of torrential downpours and tornado warnings, I made the acquaintance of a fascinating young woman during a three-day workshop.  Dressed boldly and unconventionally, she hailed from Utah.  As she talked, I gained a sense of her experience of allowing her own singular voice to ring clearly out in the context of a culture that seemed to me might discourage this.  “You were something of a rebel then?” I asked.  She agreed.And from that, something clicked that I would like to check out with you.  In fact,...

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Who’s Your Kryptonite?

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Some people have all the luck, it seems, when it comes to growing up.  Having had the apparent wisdom to choose parents with an innate gift for nurturing and celebrating tiny individuals, these folks arrive at adulthood confident, optimistic and positive about the world.What a great thing!  And isn’t that exactly what you’d like to offer your own children — complete with joyful family reunions, shared secrets and inside jokes?But if you weren’t one of those charmed children with magical parents, you may find that...

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Invincible Voice Podcast:
Therapy That Works

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April 8, 2011 — Therapy that WorksTherapy is an umbrella term for the many approaches to helping people overcome a whole array of emotional struggles. In this podcast, you’ll learn about some of the choices you have when you seek help for yourself or someone close to you.Listen here:Download here.Invincible Voice is loaded with tips, insight, inspiration and conversation about vibrant, depression-free living. It’s all about moving from being invisible to being invincible. I’ll talk about why women give up their voices...

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What Works for Depression

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There’s a ton of information floating around about depression — for two reasons.  One, there’s a lot of misery out there.  And two, it’s big business in the pharmaceutical industry.  In this post, I’ll try to give you a framework for understanding where depression comes from and, therefore, what is most likely to alleviate it.Perhaps you’ve come out of the bookstore with a stack of books on getting over depression, but were still unable to fully eliminate the blues.  That’s because depression is a...

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How a Diagnosis Can Hurt

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I’ll put my bias on the table right up front: I think paying too much attention to psychiatric diagnoses can be harmful. For many reasons, I don’t like them for adults – and I like them even less for children.There definitely is a case to be made for obtaining a diagnosis.  A diagnosis is useful if it offers direction in terms of how to help. It’s important if it allows you or your child to access services, like special education, that will help you be successful.  A diagnosis is useful if it helps you to gain insight, and to be accepting of...

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Learn to Ask for What You Want

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If you’re wondering why you just don’t seem to get what you want — whether it’s at home with your family, as a student or in your career — it might very well be because you don’t feel you can ask for it.  That’s not weakness; it’s socialization.  If you understand this, you can begin to change your beliefs about asking — with the result that you’ll feel happier, less depressed, and more satisfied with life, relationships, school and work. Feeling entitled to ask for what you want is...

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Invincible Voice Podcast:
Emotional Abuse: manipulating the context

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March 11, 2011 — Emotional Abuse: manipulating the contextDistorting reality by presenting seemingly innocuous facts out of context is one technique that emotionally abusive people use to make themselves appear to be sterling characters with the finest intentions – and their victims to be petty, complaining people who just want to make them look bad. One of the most painful elements of emotional abuse is the experience of being invalidated again and again by people who just don’t understand what’s happening. That’s the topic of...

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Grades Don’t Buy Happiness

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Young women hold in their hands literally a world of colorful possibilities, perhaps unprecedented, for exciting, one-of-a-kind lives.But how many of your friends do you see moving in that direction?  How about you?  Why do we throw away the opportunity for remarkable lives?There are lots of reasons to choose to play it safe – to choose to be a zoo assistant instead of an oceanographer, a day care teacher instead of a psychologist, a follower instead of a leader.  Part of it is the subtle message, conveyed more to girls than to boys, not to...

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Are You Unintentionally Silencing Your Child’s Voice?

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Parenting is one of the biggest self development challenges in life.  It takes a quiet, powerful certainty about yourself to allow your child the freedom to be and to express all that is within her.  The need to control, to protect, to prove your authority, to produce a positive reflection of you – living proof that you’re a great mom – all are persistent competitors to the goal of nurturing the person she uniquely is.But if you can resist those inner forces, you’ll watch your child extend and bloom, a startling, leggy wildflower with a...

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