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About Classes at Wildflower House

A class at Wildflower House, a cozy studio for personal development  located in downtown Loveland, is a mini-retreat, a chance to focus on you in a welcoming space complete with chocolates and a mug of coffee or tea.

Does a workshop sound a little scary? Workshops at Wildflower House are different. You’ll never be put on the spot or pushed in any way.

Looking for a workshop for your group? From complimentary seminars to full-scale workshops, we’ll craft just the right event for you.

How to Raise Girls to Be Authentic, Resilient, and Joyful: what your daughter needs you to know 

Mother and daughter in autumnWhen: This seminar has already occurred. Look for another opportunity in the future!

Where: Wildflower House, 111 N. Wall St.; Loveland, OH  45140

Cost: Complimentary seminar

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Raising Joyful Rebels — a transformational class for moms (Part One)

Raising Joyful Rebels

When: To be arranged

Where: Wildflower House, 111 N. Wall St.; Loveland, OH  45140

Cost: $397 Early Bird price: $297

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Raising Joyful Rebels Part Two — 12 Lessons to Share with Your Daughter

My mom and IIn 12 Lessons to Share with Your Daughter, we’ll embark on the most challenging and, I think, the most exciting part of your Joyful Rebels journey. This is your chance to do something for yourself that can simultaneously change the course of your daughter’s life.

We’ll be talking about strategies for teaching self-worth, resilience, boundaries, persistence, values, optimism, leadership — and more. For each topic there will be Heart Steps — specific steps to take to develop your own insight and then teach the lesson to your daughter. Read more…

When: To be arranged

Where: Wildflower House, 111 N. Wall St.; Loveland, OH  45140

Cost: $397.  Early Bird price: $297

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Games That Change Lives — for moms & girls

Any interaction you have with your daughter has the potential to raise or lower her self-esteem or leave it as it was — and to strengthen or weaken the bond between you — or leave it essentially unchanged.

This class, for moms and girls (ages 6-12) provides you a live opportunity to learn the impact of your responses in real time, while having some lighthearted fun with your daughter.  The activities you’ll share in this class will strengthen your relationship, improve the communication between you, and help your daughter gain new appreciation for herself as a person. Learn more…

Perfect on Your Own

Perfect on Your Own is far more than a “divorce support group” although some of the women who join the group are in the midst of divorce or coping with the aftermath.  But it’s been equally powerful as a safe space to come to terms with a difficult relationship in order to decide whether to recommit to it or separate. The idea of feeling perfect on your own applies, whether or not you choose to be in a committed relationship. It’s about feeling whole and not having that feeling depend on being in a relationship.

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A Space That’s You

Copyright: michaeljung / 123RF Stock PhotoWhether in a relationship with your significant other, your child, your mother or a friend, keeping a crystal clear sense of yourself as an individual, and of your own needs, values and ideals is crucial to living well.

In this class, you’ll have the opportunity to look deeply into shaping your world — from the ideas, feelings and beliefs that shape your internal life to your relationships and all of the physical and virtual environments that make up your daily life.

Taught in a small supportive group, this personal development class may be perfect for you if you’re ready to feel differently about yourself and your life; make some exciting changes; or if you’re in a painful relationship — or leaving one.

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FREE SEMINAR FOR MOM’S GROUPS: Joyful Rebels: raising girls with passion & purpose

An interactive one-hour seminar available to women’s groups at no charge!

Where: at your location or at Wildflower House in Historic Loveland

Cost: Complimentary.  Call 513.677.9800 to arrange a great experience for your group.

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