Creating a Space That’s You

DATES: To be arranged

LOCATION: Wildflower House, 111 N. Wall Street — in Historic Loveland

COST: Early Bird Registration: $297. Regular cost: $397.

Please call 677 – 9800 for information or email franhendrick @ if you have further questions, or if you would prefer to talk directly rather than being placed on the email list.


Copyright: michaeljung / 123RF Stock PhotoAbout the class

Whether in a relationship with your significant other, your child, your mother or a friend, keeping a crystal clear sense of yourself as an individual, and of your own needs, values and ideals is crucial to living well.

In this class, you’ll have the opportunity to look deeply into shaping your world — from the ideas, feelings and beliefs that shape your internal life to your relationships and all of the physical and virtual environments that make up your daily life. You’ll be creating a space that’s you.

Taught in a small supportive group, this personal development class may be perfect for you if you’re ready to feel differently about yourself and your life; make some exciting changes; or if you’re in a painful relationship — or leaving one.

What we'll cover

This class is about bringing new things into your life — quiet changes that bring with them new energy and optimism. Among our topics will be:

  • The effects of your surroundings on your experience of self — and the chance to reinvent them
  • Your “tolerations” — and the benefit of leaving them behind you
  • Silent beliefs that drive your actions and decisions when you’re not aware of them
  • Missing pieces of your self that you’d like to reclaim
  • Secret strengths that you’d like to access within yourself
  • Relationships you’d like to restructure
  • Your personal (and unconventional!) definition of success

And more…

What you'll experience in this class

Each class meeting includes:

  • Learn. Detailed exploration of that week’s ideas and concepts.
  • Practice. Each session provides an opportunity for participants to try out these ideas on one another and talk about the experience.
  • Experiment. A do-at-home activity to start you on the way to implementing the tools and strategies we discuss in class.
  • Discuss. The chance to explore your experiences with the group as you experiment between sessions.

A 10-15 minute complimentary phone consultation is always available
to help you determine what will be most helpful in your own unique circumstances.

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