Games that Change Lives — for moms & girls

Any interaction you have with your daughter has the potential to raise or lower her self-esteem or leave it as it was — and to strengthen or weaken the bond between you — or leave it essentially unchanged.

Games that Change Lives, for moms and girls (ages 6-12) provides you a live opportunity to learn the impact of your responses in real time, while having some lighthearted fun with your daughter.  The activities you’ll share in this class will strengthen your relationship, improve the communication between you, and help your daughter gain new appreciation for herself as a person.

DATES: Coming this month!

WHAT TIME WORKS FOR YOU? If you’d like to take this class, please click here to fill out a quick scheduling survey. I’ll then schedule the class at a time that works for the most people.

LOCATION: Wildflower House, 111 N. Wall St. — in Historic Loveland

COST: $150

Please call 677 – 9800 for information or email franhendrick @ if you have further questions.

Learn more about this class

Games That Change Lives will meet for five 1-hour sessions.

You’ll attend the first session on your own. During this hour, you’ll learn the rationale behind the games and gain an understanding of how to apply this knowledge not just in class, but in everyday interactions between you and your daughter.

In the four mother-daughter sessions, we’ll begin as a group while I explain the day’s activity. You’ll then have 20-30 minutes to immerse yourselves in the fun. After that, we’ll come back together, giving you a chance to share you experiences and insights.

What you'll experience in this class

Learn: We’ll begin with a moms-only session where you’ll learn how to make the most of the activities you and your daughter will share.

Play: In each of the remaining sessions, you and your daughter will share a game or project that will leave you knowing and appreciating each other — and yourselves — a little bit better.

Discuss: We’ll reconvene as a group to discuss your experience.

Meet other moms and girls: This class provides a really nice opportunity to make new connections.