Perfect on Your Own — a group for women coming to terms with painful relationships

Contemplating divorce or the loss of any significant relationship has at least as much to do with emotions as with logistics. It’s natural for one’s sense of self to become tied to roles and relationships. With the disruption of divorce, many women experience an immobilizing crisis that centers around their sense of self and their confidence in their own perceptions.

Wildflowers sign-up linkPerfect on Your Own is far more than a “divorce support group” although some of the women who join the group are in the midst of divorce or coping with the aftermath.  But it’s been equally powerful as a safe space to come to terms with a difficult relationship in order to decide whether to recommit to it or separate. The idea of feeling perfect on your own applies, whether or not you choose to be in a committed relationship. It’s about feeling whole and not having that feeling depend on being in a relationship.  (Take a moment to read more about that here.)

Being in a relationship should be a choice, not a matter of survival, and that requires feeling emotionally independent.  That doesn’t mean being alone; it’s about being whole.  It’s about relearning yourself so that you can reinvent your life and your relationships on your own terms. It’s about truly feeling perfect on your own.

DATES: Four Mondays, 7:30-9:00 PM, beginning on May 2, 2016

COST: $150

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Please call 677 – 9800 for information or email franhendrick @ if you have further questions, or if you would prefer to talk directly rather than being placed on the email list.

Perfect on Your Own groups are designed to help you:

  • Understand and work through the emotional side of deciding to (or not to) divorce
  • Learn strategies to help you and your kids regain your balance
  • Gain a powerful support network of other women who really understand the emotional storm of anger and loss — as well as the practical hurdles – that accompany divorce
  • Feel re-centered and solid in your life going forward

If you’re making decisions about ending — or staying in — a relationship based on fear and guilt, you’re cheating yourself and possibly your children, too.  Making decisions with life-long ramifications based on temporary emotions can be a costly mistake.  As hard as it may feel to consider making an investment in yourself in the midst of this turmoil, it is truly a savings over the long haul.

It’s been incredibly exciting to facilitate Perfect on Your Own.  The instant connection and support experienced by group members — each with a unique background and set of circumstances — has been an inspiration.

Self Development: The Bridge from What’s Now to What’s Next

Divorce, as scary and traumatic as it is, provides an opportunity to reclaim parts of yourself that you’ve lost along the way.  Perfect on our Own is a support and a guide for you as you experience this life-changing transition and come out on the other side, in some ways a new person.

“Perfect on Your Own” meets for four 90-minute sessions.

A 10-15 minute complimentary phone consultation is always available to help you determine what will be most helpful in your own unique circumstances.