Raising Joyful Rebels Part One — a transformational class for moms


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DATES: Mondays, 7:15 PM – 8:45 PM – Seven 90-minute classes on 11/7,11/14, 11/28, 12/5, 12/12, 1/9, and 1/16.

LOCATION: Wildflower House, 111 N. Wall St. — in Historic Loveland

COST:  $297


Please call 677 – 9800 for information or email franhendrick @ franhendrick.com if you have further questions, or if you would prefer to talk directly rather than being placed on the email list.

The Joyful Rebels class offers a detailed approach that you can easily learn and implement for raising girls who are resilient, confident and joyful.  This step-by-step class will change the way you think about yourself and what it means to be a mom — and, in the process, will give you the insight and tools to transform your relationship with your daughter.

Life is tough, and it’s impossible to protect our girls from that reality. But what you can do is build your daughter’s inner strength so that she can bounce back from disappointments, tough breaks and even failures.  That kind of resilience comes from relationships — first with you, then with herself and ultimately with the world. Your relationship with your daughter sows the seeds of her resilience — and you can learn the keys to nurturing this precious quality in her.

The information in this class will help you raise girls  — “joyful rebels” — who experience excitement and direction in their lives, and it begins with you having the support and the guts to be fully yourself. Joyful Rebels is about the girls in your life — but it’s also about you being you — quirks and all — and loving it.

What participants have to say about Raising Joyful Rebels

“Joyful Rebels helped me make tangible my dreams and goals for my relationship with my daughter. It gave me clear direction on how to develop the traits of the healthy relationship I want to establish and grow with my daughter – from the beginning! Through reflection, discussion, and constructive support, this course also helped me understand and make some peace with my relationship with my own mother.” – Nena

“The ideas for hands on activities to use with my daughter were easy to implement and made big impact! I am also thrilled with the materials you provided –one which I have downloaded and saved –so that I can use them with my daughter as she grows and we meet and work on challenges together. The worksheets are timeless–I know they will be just as valuable will she is 10…. 13 or 18. Thank you!” — Charlotte

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In an age fraught with negative influences like cyberbullying, depression, eating disorders, substance abuse and alienation, wouldn’t it be great to be able to help your daughter be strong and resilient enough that she’s not so affected by all of that?  What are the ingredients for raising girls who grow up with a joyful sense of passion and purpose?

Let’s answer that question together!

Learn the 3 powerful roles you play in your daughter’s psychological development

Joyful Rebels provides an effective framework for understanding how to inspire self-worth, accomplishment and resilience; what helps and what hurts your relationship with your daughter; and why even girls who are dearly loved may feel that their moms don’t care. Firmly grounded in the theory of Self Psychology, the Joyful Rebels approached is structured around three central roles that moms play in their daughter’s psychological development — Mirror, Anchor and Mentor. You’ll learn what it means to provide this support to your daughter, and you’ll learn exactly how to do it.

The Joyful Rebels experience offers a lucid, inspiring window into your daughter’s inner world and emotional development — at the same time as allowing you to look deeply into yourself. This is not a collection of tips. It is immersion into a way of being. To read more about this course, follow this link.

What you'll experience in this class

Each class meeting includes:

  • Learn. Detailed exploration of the Joyful Rebels approach to raising girls with passion & purpose
  • Practice. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in an experiential component where participants can try out strategies on one another and talk about the experience from the perspective of both mother and “daughter”. Together we’ll explore the feelings and fears that can actually get in your way as you work to empower your daughter and strengthen your relationship.
  • Experiment. A do-at-home activity moms and girls to start you on the way to implementing the tools and strategies we discuss in class.
  • Explore. The chance to explore your experiences with your own parents and deepen your understanding of how those experiences affect you as a mom
  • Discuss. Examples where we’ll discuss how to apply the Joyful Rebels strategies and tools
  • Get answers. Each class will include time for Q&A.

A 10-15 minute complimentary phone consultation is always available
to help you determine what will be most helpful in your own unique circumstances.