Raising Joyful Rebels Part Two — 12 Lessons to Share with Your Daughter

Joyful Rebels class Part Two r2

DATES: To Be Announced

LOCATION: Wildflower House, 111 N. Wall St. — in Historic Loveland

PRE-REQUISITE: Raising Joyful Rebels – a transformational class for moms — either taken at Wildflower House or as an 3-month online intensive

COST: $397 (Early Bird Registration: $297)

Please call 677 – 9800 for information or email franhendrick @ franhendrick.com if you have further questions, or if you would prefer to talk directly rather than being placed on the email list.

In 12 Lessons to Share with Your Daughter, we’ll embark on the most challenging and, I think, the most exciting part of your Joyful Rebels journey. This is your chance to do something for yourself that can simultaneously change the course of your daughter’s life.

Here’s where all the aspects of serving as Mirror, Anchor and Mentor come together! We’ll be talking about strategies for teaching self-worth, resilience, boundaries, persistence, values, optimism, leadership — and more. For each topic there will be Heart Steps — specific steps to take to develop your own insight and then teach the lesson to your daughter.

Don’t get the idea that because this class has to do with your needs that it’s somehow less crucial. The opposite is true. Fundamental to your experience with the entire Joyful Rebels approach is this mindset: The personal work you do in any one of the 12 Lessons that we’ll cover will greatly increase your capacity to be a mirror, anchor and mentor for your daughter.

The fact is, it’s hard, and often impossible, to give to your child what you do not have for
yourself. This class is about meeting your own emotional needs, both because you’re quite simply entitled to that – and because it’s essential in your quest to raise your daughter to be a “joyful rebel”.

This is precisely why I’ve described the Joyful Rebels course as a journey of self-development for women. Each step you take personally frees you up just a little more to be the mom you want to be.

What we'll cover

  • Being a Mentor Begins with Being a Joyful Rebel
  • Lesson #1 — Be the flower you are.
  • Lesson #2 — Life is a series of first tries and next tries.
  • Lesson #3 — You have value simply because you exist.
  • Lesson #4 — You have the capacity to remain centered.
  • Lesson #5 — Treasure your boundaries. They define you.
  • Lesson #6 — It’s realistic to be optimistic!
  • Lesson #7 — How to bounce!
  • Lesson #8 — When you come to a fork in the road, your values will guide you.
  • Lesson #9 — Step right up and ask for what you want.
  • Lesson #10 — Ask “Why not!” instead of “Who, me???”
  • Lesson #11 — Be a leader.
  • Lesson #12 — Catch the wind in your sails.
  • Completing your Joyful Rebels Handbook

What you'll experience in this class

Each class meeting includes:

  • Learn. Detailed exploration of the Joyful Rebels approach to raising girls with passion & purpose
  • Practice. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in an experiential component where participants can try out strategies on one another and talk about the experience from the perspective of both mother and “daughter”. Together we’ll explore the feelings and fears that can actually get in your way as you work to empower your daughter and strengthen your relationship.
  • Experiment. A do-at-home activity moms and girls to start you on the way to implementing the tools and strategies we discuss in class.
  • Explore. The chance to explore your experiences with your own parents and deepen your understanding of how those experiences affect you as a mom
  • Discuss. Examples where we’ll discuss how to apply the Joyful Rebels strategies and tools
  • Get answers. Each class will include time for Q&A.



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