Joyful Rebels: raising girls with passion & purpose a complimentary seminar

The Joyful Rebels seminar is available to women’s groups. For more information, please call 513-677-9800.]

Mother & Daughter: Joyful Rebels“Joyful Rebels! — raising girls with passion and purpose” (for parents and teachers of girls in all age groups)

In an age fraught with cyberbullying, depression, eating disorders, drugs and alienation, what are the ingredients for raising girls who grow up with a joyful sense of passion and purpose? That’s the topic of this month’s free seminar.

We’ll discuss:

  • How to tap into the powerful connection between self-expression, passion and purpose — and build your daughter’s depression-resistance at the same time
  • 5 Ways that you may be unintentionally silencing your daughter’s voice
  • 3 Powerful Roles that parents play in raising confident, joyful daughters
  • A new spin on leadership and peer pressure — and how to develop your daughter’s ability to think for herself.
  • Discovering your own “joyful rebel” — and why this is so important to the girls in your life.

You’ll come away with fun and energizing strategies that you can implement immediately to nurture your daughter’s “joyful rebel” — and strengthen your precious mother-daughter relationship, too.

Information, discussion, Q&A.