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Attracting Sea Change

The message of Sea Change is simple – as important truths tend to be. Each day, we’re pulled in a hundred different directions. The din of the demands coming from the outside makes it hard to hear the guide on the inside. Call it energy, call it intuition – when that spark of knowing surfaces and you have the courage to act on it, sea change occurs. How do you know when to pay attention? Sometimes you just know – if you allow for it. When a thought or idea or feeling bubbles up out of nowhere and makes you draw a breath, stop and take notice. When it’s recurrent, feels urgent,...

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The Missing Piece

It started when my friend Cathy handed me a sack of paperback books-on-loan. Swapping books is a practice we’d established over time. Some were meant to be returned, others were to be passed along to another; a sort of pay-it-forward. This was an unusually big stack, and the bag sat on the dining table in the morning room for a couple of weeks. Finally, anxious to clear off the table, I emptied the bag and tossed the books on the end table by the sofa. Comprised of a sofa and two chairs, this space had felt somehow unfinished, lacking character or a central message. With the addition...

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Seeking Your Passion?

Seeking Your Passion? Inquire Within… We hear a lot these days about “passion.” Everywhere we look, it seems like someone is telling us to “find our passion,” to “follow our passion,” to “live passionately.” In the abstract, it sounds like wonderful advice, but certainly there are not few among us who are thinking, “Where am I even supposed to look?” or even: “I don’t think I have a great passion!” But what if it isn’t so hard! What if deep down we already know where to find it – because it’s a part of us? What if there is a way to go about this that makes sense, one that you can do?...

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Seeking to Nurture Others?

Seeking to Nurture Others? First Value Your Self “I’m not worried about what I want; I just want to make sure that everyone else has what they want.” It’s an unspoken chorus of women who have been raised to believe that being “selfless” is their greatest gift to the world. Underneath it lurks a great fear. “If I told people how I really feel or insisted on what I want, they might not like me!” As women, many of us were taught that being valued by others means leaving ourselves behind. We quickly learn to act in ways that are inconsistent with...

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