Fran Hendrick, P.C.C.

Professional clinical counselor, parenting columnist, and teacher Fran Hendrick has provided coaching and counseling for hundreds of women and girls for twenty-five years. Fran holds a Masters degree with Clinical Endorsement in Counseling from Xavier University. and Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology (University of Rochester) and Therapeutic Recreation (SUNY-Brockport). In addition to being a licensed professional clinical counselor, she holds certification in the use of psychologist Martin Seligman’s highly researched compendium of strategies for helping people increase their happiness in their work and their personal lives. She is a member of the International Association for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology.

Fran is the author of Raising Joyful Rebels: A Guide for Moms. At Wildflower House, her cozy studio for personal development, Fran provides Joyful Rebels and other classes for women, coaching, and individual psychotherapy. In addition, she offers consultation online and by phone for moms participating in the Joyful Rebels process.

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Fran Hendrick, P.C.C.
Email: [email protected]
Direct line: 513.677.9800

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Review copies of Raising Joyful Rebels: A Guide for Moms are available on request. Sample chapters in pdf format are available online at

Book Details
Title: Raising Joyful Rebels: A Guide for Moms
Author: Fran Hendrick, P.C.C.
ISBN: 978-0-578-17585-0
Publication Date: 1/2016
Publisher: Wildflower House
Price: $21.95 USD

  • Ms. Hendrick is available for interviews and may be contacted at 111A N. Wall St., Loveland, OH 45140, (513) 677-9800, or mailto:[email protected].

    Interview Topics/Areas of Expertise:
  • Girls' self-esteem
  • Preventing depression in girls
  • How moms can find the magic in small moments to simultaneously raise their daughters' self-esteem and confidence -- and strengthen the mother-daughter bond
  • The three roles moms play in their daughters' psychological development
  • Why imperfect is perfect when it comes to being a mom
  • Why it's essential to steer into an emotional storm -- and how to do it
  • What an emotional thorn is -- and how to remove it to protect your daughter's sense of self-worth and your relationship with her


Media Release

The Smallest of Interactions Hold the Key to Building Girls’ Resilience, Strength, and Happiness

LOVELAND, March 9, 2016: It’s impossible to protect your daughter from all of life’s pitfalls.  But in an age fraught with negative influences---bullying, depression, drugs, self-harm---it’s critical to help your daughter become strong and resilient. Professional clinical counselor Fran Hendrick’s new book, Raising Joyful Rebels: A Guide for Moms, shows how, through your relationship with your daughter, you have the unique opportunity to inspire her to know her own greatness, bounce back from hurt, and live exuberantly.

You can spot a joyful rebel in a crowd. Her authenticity sparkles, and she knows her own value. She’s the girl who throws herself into life, whether she’s studying chemistry or building a treehouse. She’s the one who smiles at the classmate who’s being excluded and invites her in. She’s the adolescent who bravely says no when her friends want to drink and drive.

It is the small moments of everyday life that either build self-worth—or erode it. Raising Joyful RebelsA Guide for Moms, shows moms step by step, with an abundance of examples, how to capitalize on everyday interactions so girls experience being heard, understood, accepted, championed for their efforts, validated, and given the leadership they need to bloom.

Written for moms of girls of all ages, the step-by-step Joyful Rebels approach will change the way you think about yourself and what it means to be a mom. You’ll gain the insight and skills to transform your relationship with your daughter while learning strategies for teaching boundaries, persistence, values, optimism, leadership, and more just through the brief interactions you have every day.

It takes a quiet, powerful certainty about yourself to allow your daughter the freedom to express and to be all that is within her. As you learn to elicit, amplify, and nurture your daughter’s unique voice, you will strengthen your own. Offering a lucid, inspiring window into your daughter's inner world and emotional development, the Joyful Rebels journey is your chance to do something for yourself that can simultaneously change the course of your daughter’s life.

Included: Online access to the companion 154-page interactive/downloadable Joyful Rebels Journal that brings the approach to life with a complete set of interactive tools and games to use with your daughter, and guided writings to lead you on a journey of your own.


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