Angie, age 45: flying when the nest is empty

Angie was starting over and she was scared. The thought that her kids would be out of the house in less than two years had her both grief-stricken and at a loss for what her life would be about once they became independent.  Always busy and involved, she was taken by complete surprise by how overwhelming these feelings were.

Before anything else, Angie need to process her sadness and think back on all she’d done as the mom of at-home kids. As she talked, we used tools like “Dancing with Life” to help her begin to identify the unique gifts and strengths that had allowed her to be the mother and wife she had been for so long.  When she began to feel more grounded, we added the Jump Start eCourse, a 30-day coaching intensive that helped her establish a new vision for her life. We utilized “Power Hours” and organizing tools to keep her on track, and explored the fears that caused her to procrastinate.  By creating her “Enchanted Life Agenda,” she was able to be sure to build into her life going forward the most precious things — like walks in the woods with her husband, playing the guitar, cooking creative new dishes, and forging a new and evolving adult relationship with her children. 

Angie continues to connect through her online journal, sharing her triumphs and successes and seeking input when she’s stuck.  But she won’t stay stuck; Angie has succeeded in creating a plan for this new phase of her life that she’s ecstatic about!