Ashley, age 18: getting the most from college

I first met Ashley when she was beginning her senior year in high school. Her anxiety over choosing and applying to colleges, and the whole prospect of leaving her friends and family and moving into adulthood, was palpable. Her fears made it hard for her to even begin the college search, with the result that she frequently found herself in a miserable struggle with her concerned parents.

Utilizing the Power Launch program along with online and occasional face-to-face coaching sessions, Ashley developed both the grit and the organizational skills to tackle these challenges. When it came time to set off for college, Ashley was able to take her coaching relationship with her, utilizing password-protected online consultation with me and occasional phone calls. She’s now found her balance, overcome homesickness and, so important, she’s got the courage and resilience take advantage of the opportunities that might have frightened her before. She’s on her way to a fulfilling and joyful life.