Growing Up Gifted — for Moms & Girls

Everyday Geniuses: growing the whole person within your daughter

My mom and I“All of us, you, your children, your neighbors and their children

are everyday geniuses, even though the fact is unnoticed and unremembered

by everyone. That’s probably because school hasn’t encouraged us to notice

what’s hidden inside us waiting for the right environment to express itself.”

                                                                                                          — Peter Kline

Creating that “right environment” is what raising girls with passion and purpose is all about.

But — the great pleasure of brilliance, both intellectual giftedness and personal genius, often comes with a set of unique challenges. The awesome focus that gifted kids bring to the subjects they love makes it tempting to dismiss the things that can get in their way — like:

  • Learning the skills they need to have satisfying relationships
  • Staying organized
  • Managing their feelings when they can’t do something “perfectly” the first time
  • Growing their creative genius within (or despite) the structures that they’ll encounter throughout their lives.

Coaching for gifted girls and their moms is a special kind of mentoring that empowers your child — and, when necessary, takes you out of the middle. Self development is what allows genius to come to fruition; it’s what will free your child to reach her potential.

Gifted kids can talk circles around many of their teachers and most of their friends — and that can leave them without the guidance they need and, sometimes, pretty lonely.  They’re likely to instantly reject adults who talk down to them, and, at the same time, they’re kids, with emotional and developmental needs that are totally separate from their intellectual gifts.

Coaching combines great delight in each individual with a realistic plan for building the skills necessary for positive relationships and a productive life.  It’s about creating an unique definition of success for each student and a customized path for attaining it.

A Heart Steps program, coaching for moms and girls offers a highly flexible, customizable set of services, with outstanding support from professional clinical counselor Fran Hendrick, including:

  • Sessions at The Self Development Place or by phone — from 15 to 90 minutes.  Sessions can be one-on-one, or you and your child can choose to meet together for a Lemonade Break.  Lemonade Breaks provide an ideal opportunity to build your relationship, share your own insights, and learn new strategies for working together.
  • Brief telephone consultation, up to 15 minutes per week at no charge, so she — or you — can get quick questions answered or share a success right away.
  • Membership website with online journal.  Writing is a powerful way to work through complicated issues.  With unlimited online consultation, your child is able to share her insights and challenges and know that I will read what she’s written and provide the input she needs to keep working between sessions. If she’s trying something that’s not quite working, I can give her a suggestion right away through her journal. You and she will have the comfort of knowing that I’m up-to-date on what she’s going through, and it also helps make the best use of her sessions. (256-bit encryption on her own password-protected page protects your privacy.) Or — you may elect to utilize the journal as a tool for ongoing parenting consultation.
  • You’ll have the benefit of instantly downloadable self-development tools and strategies specifically matched to her current challenge, combined with online consultation as she applies them, to give her what she needs, when she needs it.
  • Coaching for parents.  From quarterly progress update sessions to phone consultation, we’ll decide together what will be most helpful for your daughter.
  • Maximum privacy. Your child’s information is not shared with any insurance company.
  • No labels. Heart Steps is about finding within herself the capacity to create a fabulous life.  Unlike insurance-based therapy, the Heart Steps program is fundamentally about self development and wellness. Unless you request it, we won’t talk about a “diagnosis”.  This prevents a negative change in self-image, avoids stigma and protects both privacy and potentially insurance rates. (Please see How a Diagnosis Can Hurt You.)
  • The tool she needs – counseling, coaching, psychotherapy, online self-study, journaling — when she needs it.  We’ll utilize Power Launch online coaching tools, as appropriate for your daughter’s development and goals.
  • Creative customization.  Heart Steps services are infinitely customizable to meet your daughter’s unique needs.

For more information about coaching for your daughter, please call 677-9800 to schedule a free consultation.