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I work with my clients as a coach, counselor, and teacher, helping women and girls become exactly who they’re meant to be. Working in person, by phone and online, I help women discover and claim their true selves, support mothers in raising girls with passion and purpose, and work with girls and young women to find their own unique path in life.

You’ll get a sense of who my clients are and how I work on this page.

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My clients are:

  • Women who feel a little “stuck” and unable to reach significant goals they’ve set for themselves
  • Women recovering from depression, trauma, or divorce
  • Mothers who want to raise joyful, self-confident girls
  • Girls and young women seeking support and direction
  • Mothers and daughters who want to improve their relationship
  • Women who are, quite simply, ready to start living out loud!

Working with you one-on-one (in person or by phone), in a group setting, or online, here’s what I can help you achieve:

  • Gain a strong sense that: “I am someone. I am good enough.”
  • Become comfortable speaking your mind
  • Have a space where you can safely voice vulnerable parts of yourself
  • Experience being heard, accepted and deeply understood
  • Beat depression
  • Outgrow abusive relationships
  • Dare to imagine the life you’d like to have –and then bring those dreams into reality
  • Learn a highly effective parenting model — that’s great for dads, too — for raising girls who grow into lives of passion and purpose
  • Create a parenting vision for you and your daughter
  • Apply parenting skills, observe how you use them; debrief independently or with Fran
  • Try new actions, observe and over time develop a style of interacting that works for you and your daughter
  • Helping your girls avoid the pitfalls of growing up
  • Learn to voice their own thoughts, feelings and belief, making them less susceptible to peer pressure
  • Find their own path
  • Have the mentoring they need to succeed
  • Simply, joyfully learn to be themselves

Moms can:

  • Strengthen your bond and lay the groundwork for a deeply connected lifelong relationship
  • Learn the keys to effective two-way communication that leaves you both feeling complete
  • Learn what helps and what hurts the relationship with your daughter.

Girls gain a sense of:

  • Being understood, heard, trusted, respected
  • Being cared about
  • Fairness – their needs are heard and considered
  • Independence
  • Being trusted by their moms

The HeartSteps approach is a strong fit for women and girls who:

  • Are intrigued by self-discovery
  • Are excited about shaping the dreams they have for their lives
  • Are seeking passion and purpose

If this sounds like work you would like to explore, please contact me for a complimentary consultation.

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