Individual Coaching & Consultation

Ready to make a beginning?

I work with women and girls in a number of different ways, including live (at Wildflower House or by phone), online, and a combination of the two. If the information you’ve read here has resonated with you, these links will help you decide whether you’d like to take a next step — and, if so, which next step is right for you.

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Work with Me Personally

1 – Work with Me Online and Live – the Heart Steps transformation

The Heart Steps Transformation is the most intensive and highly customized option. It includes unlimited online consultation combined with live sessions by phone or in person — as well as individually or with other significant people in your life. For example, if your interest is in raising your girls with passion and purpose, we might begin with strategies and a meeting with your daughter, followed by individual self-development work that focuses on your own sense of passion and purpose. Based upon your personal goals and preferences, we’ll shape the way we work together.

While Heart Steps Transformation clients may choose a broad personal development path rather than identifying a tight focus, a choice of ecourses is also included.

These links will provide you with a detailed description, a tour, as well as stories of the the many creative ways this approach has been applied by my clients.

2 – Work with Me Online

Working virtually allows you unlimited consultation with me, utilizing your own password-protected webpage on my private client website. It’s a great way to work — especially if you enjoy writing as a vehicle for personal growth. Whenever your insights and questions strike, your online journal is at your fingertips, and, at your request, I’ll respond to you within one business day. This is a highly effective approach for developing parenting strategies individualized to the unique needs of each of your children.  Learn more…

3 – Learn with Support

As you work through the Learn on Your Own ecourse of your choice (see below), you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and share your progress with a weekly online coaching check-in found on your own password-protected webpage. I’ll respond to your questions personally, and provide tips and guidance to enhance your learning and help you get the most out of the course. Learn more…