Work with Me Live and Online — the Heart Steps personal transformation

Offering both unlimited online consultation combined with live sessions by phone or in person, the Heart Steps Transformation provides a comprehensive experience that envelops you and champions your efforts to step into your best self.   Because it’s about thriving, not just surviving, the Heart Steps Transformation goes far beyond what is available through insurance.

The Heart Steps Transformation offers a highly flexible, customizable set of coaching and counseling services for women and girls, with outstanding support from professional clinical counselor Fran Hendrick.

You’ll learn more about the Heart Steps Transformation by browsing through a short tour.



Our work together can incorporate:

  • Sessions in person or by phone — from 15 to 90 minutes
  • Brief telephone consultation, up to 15 minutes per week at no charge, so you can get quick questions answered or share a success right away.
  • Private client website with online journal. Writing is a powerful way to work through complicated issues.  With unlimited online consultation, you’re able to share your insights and challenges andCoaching-or-counseling know that I will read what you’ve written and provide the input you need to keep working between sessions. If you’re trying something that’s not quite working, I can give you a suggestion right away through your journal. You’ll have the comfort of knowing that I’m up-to-date on what you’re going through, and it also helps make the best use of your sessions. (256-bit encryption on your own password-protected page protects your privacy.)
  • You’ll have the benefit of instantly downloadable self-development tools and strategies specifically matched to your current challenge, combined with online consultation as you apply them, to give you what you need, when you need it.
  • Maximum privacy.  Your information is not shared with any insurance company.
  • No labels. Heart Steps is about finding within yourself the freedom to create your best life.  Unlike insurance-based therapy, the Heart Steps Transformation is fundamentally about self development and wellness. Unless you request it, we won’t talk about a “diagnosis”.  This prevents a negative change in self-image, avoids stigma and protects both your privacy and potentially your insurance rates. (Please see How a Diagnosis Can Hurt You.)
  • The tool you need – counseling, coaching, psychotherapy, online self-study, journaling — when you need it. (Counseling and psychotherapy are offered as face-to-face services with access to online support when appropriate.)
  • Creative customization.  Sea Change is infinitely customizable to meet your unique needs.

The Heart Steps Transformation is designed to to teach you or your daughter to fly!  Because its holistic goals and comprehensive wellness services far exceed the scope of a “medical model”, it is not insurance billable.  However, it may be tax deductible as a medical expense in the category of prevention or treatment. Check with your tax professional.

By taking a few moments to read more about Heart Steps, you’ll be able to start to sense whether it might be a fit for you.  Your “tour” starts here.

I’m available to you at 513-677-9800 to discuss how we can work together to create a Heart Steps Transformation in your life.  I welcome your questions and look forward to talking with you.

Wishing you a fascinating Heart Steps Path,