Heart Steps Chats for Mothers & Daughters

Woman enjoying coffee and chatHeart Steps Chats at Wildflower House provide a charming way to create the space for moms and daughters to connect and appreciate each other. You’ll share an activity that allows you to see each other as individuals, along with a good conversation — a little oasis in the week, tailored to you and your daughter.

For moms and daughters of all ages, each experience offers an opportunity for gaining a deeper understanding of one another.

Heart Steps Chats enrich your relationship by combining relaxed, light-hearted fun with just the right amount of coaching on communication. You’ll come away from each session with new insights and strategies that you can continue to develop at home.

Try out Joyful Rebels tools with a guide. Heart Steps Chats are the perfect accompaniment to Raising Joyful Rebels courses and classes.

To schedule: Please call 513 area code 677-9800.

Payment: Please click here and scroll down to “Live consultation à la carte”. Sessions are typically 45 minutes long.