Doing-What-It-Takes vs. What-Insurance-Covers

You can experience changes in your life using the insurance-based 45-minutes per week model of therapy, and if we have to, we’ll make the most of it.  But it’s essential to realize that that model exists not because it’s best for you, but rather because it’s best for insurance companies. It’s what remains of a time when insurance paid for multiple sessions per week over a period of years if that’s what was needed for personal growth. This is no longer the case.  Now, insurance operates on narrow parameters of “medical necessity” and demands “quick fixes”.  Sadly, therapists are leaving behind proven methods of alleviating human suffering and resorting to brief interventions, which, by their design, cannot produce the deep changes, the capacity for leading a full and vibrant life, that people hunger for.

That’s not doing what it takes.