ECOURSE — Jump Start Online 30-Day Coaching Intensive

a Learn-on-Your-Own Heart Steps intensive that will

help you get to know yourself from the inside out

Ready to take yourself seriously?

Procrastination is the enemy when it comes to getting to work on major changes in your life that matter.   If you’re ready for a transformational 30 days, here’s your opportunity.

Whether it’s losing weight, changing your relationship with your kids, succeeding in school or decluttering your house, increasing your level of self development is what it takes to get “unstuck” and fly forward to the results you’re seeking.

Move from hope to intention with these two dynamic 30-day coaching intensives.

1. Power Launch! for high school and college students– Get all the details and registration link here.

2. Jump Start! for women —details below.

Why do January’s resolutions fizzle out almost as fast as the leftover champagne?

How can a surge of optimism end up making you feel hopeless instead of successful?

I think it happens this way.

It’s likely that your resolutions have to do with things you’ve had a lot of trouble with.  Getting organized.  Losing weight. Going back to school. Holding your kids responsible instead of giving in. Setting the example you want to provide for your daughters.

If you’ve worked hard at a goal and haven’t been able to achieve it, it’s not because you’re lazy or incompetent.  It’s because there’s a barrier that you can’t see, and if you can’t see it, you can’t get around it.

That’s both good news and bad.  The good news is that you can stop berating yourself about the things you’ve never been able to accomplish.  The bad news, on the other hand, is that the solution cannot be found in an act of will.  Rather, it is found in self-awareness.  That’s a paradigm shift.

Jump Start Online is a 30-day coaching program designed to provide unlimited online support that will help you develop the insight and tools to start moving toward your goals.

Do you find yourself stuck in a pattern where you begin the year with optimism and the intention to keep all the balls you’re juggling in the air? It starts out easy! But inevitably you begin to fall behind.  Discouragement and even hopelessness set in.

Maybe you’re at a much happier place. You love organization and achievement and want to plan your best year yet.

Or perhaps you’re facing a major life change — like divorce or an empty nest.

What I hope to do in working with you is to help you turn what could be into what will be.  When you begin to believe in the possibility of your own dreams, you’ll move faster and faster toward them.  Exciting!

And the best time to get started is now. Not next week, not next month.  If you wait until then, you’re that much further behind.

Success is all about deciding what you’re going to do – and then doing it. But that’s not so simple.

Every time you make a vow to do something and then can’t make it happen, you reinforce the belief that you can’t, that it’s too hard, that you’re just not good enough or smart enough or organized enough to do what you set out to do.

But really, succeeding doesn’t require being the smartest or the best. Success is an inner game. It has its source in your ability to:

  • Set your intentions.
  • Create strategies to achieve them.
  • Place yourself in an environment that makes it more likely that you will move forward than fall behind.
  • And, most of all, persist when you run into roadblocks, which you inevitably will do.

Jump Start Online is designed to stick with you step by step while you get organized and then to help you work through the blocks that trip you up again and again. Jump Start includes:

  • A series of learning modules that present the material clearly and energetically — and help you apply it immediately.
  • Success Tools to help you develop the insight and skills you need.
  • Information and instruction delivered to you on your own password-protected webpage in do-able modules so that you can work through the course without getting overwhelmed.
  • Online Journal where you can complete the exercises and apply the insights and skills that you’re learning.
  • A daily message for 30 days with a touch of inspiration to keep you moving forward
  • Participation in two group Power Hours – (arranged at your request)
  • Members-only website where you’ll have access to a library of podcasts on a host of self-development topics like finding your voice, avoiding depression, raising girls with passion & purpose, and more.


  • Learn on Your Own online — Using your own password-protected coaching interface
  • Learn with Support — check in with me as often as weekly using your online personal progress report.  Share your insights and questions; I’ll reply within one business day.
  • Jump Start Plus: You can add live (phone or face-to-face) coaching to Jump Start – to help you get going or to support you in maintaining your momentum. Adding live coaching, in person or by phone allows you to immerse yourself in an environment that will truly pull you forward. Coaching can be used in 15-60 minute increments.


  • The What: Your own Strategic Plan – your personal map to success that will provide the inspiration you need to keep on going when the going gets tough
  • Balance:  The Enchanted Year Daily Agenda: A daily agenda to make sure you include the things you value most.  Reading to your children; time for being creative — whether through playing an instrument, painting or decorating; studying; meditation; yoga — whatever brings you the inner calm and sense of living your own values becomes part of your Enchanted Year Daily Agenda.
  • The How: A detailed breakdown of exactly what you need to do and when (suggested purchase: Swift To-Do List 7 – Standard)
  • The Momentum: Insight into fear and procrastination, and practice at moving forward when you’re stuck



Your Goal, Your Schedule, Your Pace

You won’t believe what you can do!