ECOURSE — Power Launch — for students

Become the leader in your own life

Power Launch is powerful combination of online and face-to-face (or telephone) coaching to set the momentum for personal and academic success — as you define them.


What are your hopes for this year?  What are your challenges?

Maybe the social structure in your school is wearing on you.  Being on the receiving end of bullying or the just plain meanness that happens through Facebook and texting is hard to take. 

Maybe your academics are shaky. You began the year with optimism and the intention to keep all the balls you’re juggling in the air. And it started out easy! But six weeks in, you began to fall behind. If you’ve just slid by at the beginning, especially in classes like languages and math where the learning is cumulative, by midterm, you’re in trouble.

And so discouragement and even hopelessness set in.  Enter Power Launch – to help you transform all of that.

Or maybe you’re at a much happier place. You love organization and achievement and want to plan your best year yet.  There’s so much to think about and plan — and you really could use your own structured plan and a sounding board.

That’s where Power Launch Plus can help you. And the best time to do it is now. Not when you get back from the holidays, not when you open your eyes on the first day of your next term. If you wait until then, you’re already behind.

Here’s what working the Power Launch ecourse will give you:

  • Your own Success Map — your strategic plan for the next 6-9 months — to inspire you;
  • A detailed task plan to keep you organized so you can reach your uniquely personal goals; and
  • Live practice in overcoming obstacles, beating procrastination and utilizing each hour to the max.

Success is all about deciding what you’re going to do – and then doing it.  If only that were as simple as it sounds!

Every time you make a vow to do something and then can’t make it happen, you reinforce the belief that you can’t, that it’s too hard, that you’re just not good enough or popular enough or smart enough or organized enough to do what you set out to do.

But really, succeeding doesn’t require being the smartest or the best. Success is an inner game. It has its source in your ability to:

  • Set your intentions.
  • Create strategies to achieve them.
  • And, most of all, persist when you run into roadblocks, which you inevitably will do.

Power Launch is designed to stick with you step-by-step while you get organized and then to help you work through the blocks that trip you up again and again.

You can be the leader in your own life, and Power Launch will get you started on that path.


  • Access to the ten Power Launch success modules
  • A daily email with a reminder and a touch of inspiration to keep you moving
  • Ongoing communication with me as you work the Power Launch program, through a password-protected discussion. You can bounce ideas, share your work, ask questions, and have the support to gain the insight you need to be successful
  • Participation in two group Power Hours where I’ll help you map out the tasks you plan to complete in the hour and explore with you what went well and what got in the way.
  • Live coaching (in person or by telephone), if you choose a plan that includes this.  Use exactly what you need (in 15-minute increments)


  • Online — Using your own password-protected coaching interface
  • Participation in two Power Hours — Together we’ll explore barriers to completing (or even starting) projects that truly are important to you. Next, you’ll choose the one you’d like to tackle first, create a plan and put your plan into action!
    Here’s how it works. Before the hour begins, we’ll connect and you’ll decide what you intend to complete in the next hour. Then it’s READY, SET, GO! At the end of the hour, we’ll reconnect. You’ll gain insight into estimating the time for tasks and overcoming the barriers to getting started or persisting. The Power Hour is a proven strategy for getting it done!
  • Live (phone or face-to-face) coaching if you choose a plan that includes it – to help you get going or to support you in maintaining your momentum.
  • Power Launch Online provides unlimited online support for of all the components of Power Launch Plus — but without live coaching.  The majority of students benefit the most from a combination of individual work and live coaching, but If you’re a highly motivated do-it-yourselfer, this is a great buy!

Recommended: For the greatest impact in the shortest time, choose Power Launch with live 1:1 coaching.  Working face-to-face or by telephone will help you “keep your feet to the fire” so that you can lay a strong foundation for success.


  • The What: Your own Strategic Plan – your personal map to success that will provide the inspiration you need to keep on going when the going gets tough
  • The How: A detailed breakdown of exactly what you need to do and when (suggested purchase: Swift To-Do List standard)
  • Momentum: insight into procrastination and practice at moving forward when you’re stuck

POWER LAUNCH IS FOR YOU IF YOU (not your mom or your dad):

  • want to get control of your social life, your time and your work
  • want to be successful in the things you set out to do.
  • are willing to put in the time to accomplish that – about an hour a day while you’re working the Power Launch program
  • are motivated to get a handle on what makes you procrastinate or give up so you can keep moving forward today and tomorrow and the next day

If that doesn’t seem to describe you, then one-on-one coaching, either online or at Wildflower House will probably feel better and be more effective in providing a jump start for you.

But if you see yourself here, Power Launch might be just the thing to give you a great new start.

For more information, please contact Fran Hendrick.