Work with Me Online

Change doesn’t happen overnight — but sometimes it does happen in the middle of the night. 

Working toward the wishes and aspirations you have for your life is an ongoing process, one that you’ll find yourself involved in even in your sleep!  Working virtually allows you to log in and record your epiphanies and questions at any hour of the day or night — and I’ll respond to you within one business day.

Who can benefit by working virtually?

If your style of personal growth includes writing, working virtually may be a perfect fit for you. And if you’re searching as a parent for strategies to meet the unique needs of each of your children, working online allows us to exchange ideas, develop and implement parenting strategies, and fine tune them immediately.  As you can see, working virtually can really accelerate the process, because our conversation is ongoing rather than once a week.

We’ll begin our work together by speaking directly, either in person or by phone.  In that conversation, we’ll have a chance to get to know one another and to begin to articulate what you want for your life — how you want to feel, what you want to do, the relationships you’d like to have.  We’ll begin to talk about how to get there.

From there, you’ll move to your own password-protected webpage where we’ll record the goals and strategies we’ve already identified, continue to refine them and work together to help you bring them into reality.

To get a feel for how working virtual can work, you might enjoy reading this example from Heart Steps Stories.

 Create the best plan for you.

You can see the options available to you here.   Your Virtual Heart Steps Plan can include:

  • Live consultation  face-to-face, encrypted video chat, or by phone.
  • Coach-online: Communicate with me on your password-protected webpage.  Exchange documents, store coaching tools, share your work. Online consultation during your membership as often as you like, whenever you want. You’ll receive an answer within one business day — so there’s always help and support available.

Working virtually is an educational service; not counseling or therapy.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss your needs in a complimentary consultation.